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Are all knitters fickle animals, or is it just mine? As well as me in my project bag, I know of at least four other projects in various stages of being. I also know that she has only a mild case of fickle-ness though, another knitter I know at one time had about 30, yes thirty, projects on the go at once, although I think she may have moderated that down to the high teens now.

Who am I, do you ask? I am Shetland Shawl (pleased to meet you). I am the current major project on my knitter’s needles, (although I know that she has started a cardigan as well). My knitter is creating me from the sheep upwards if you like. Her Shetland ewe (as well as being a Shetland sheep, she was actually born in Shetland!), always produces a great fleece and this year, my knitter said that she would use it herself to create a Shetland shawl from an old P&B pattern. The construction of this is apparently: knit the centre first, knit the border on one side, then do the edging for that side, then start again on the next border and so on. Oh, what does my day consist of? Mostly hanging around in my project bag, waiting to be picked up and knitted. She’s done the centre diamond, and one border, and is now knitting the edging. I know she enjoys this, as she keeps saying so at spinning, which is where I mostly get knitted.

But before I existed, there was Fleece, Carded Fibre, Spun Yarn and Washed Yarn – and it’s still a work in progress, I know that she’ll have to spin some more before she can finish me. When she first started last autumn, she was muttering something about a Show, and would I be ready in time. Luckily, she’s a fairly realistic knitter and quickly realised that it might be next year’s Show where I make my debut. Trouble is, it means that she is thinking of other, smaller things that could be knitted in time for this year’s Show – I’m in danger of being sidelined! I mustn’t let that happen! Actually, I think I’m reasonably safe, as she has the constant reminder of me on her spinning wheel at the moment.

Now what’s that she’s thinking? Ah, she has some idea of making a matinée jacket for the Show – a small project she says. All she has to do is find a pattern…

Arghhhh, she’s started something else! A Pi shawl she says, but I don’t think it has anything to do with rhubarb. She says that a skein of 2-ply handspun Jacob spoke to her and told her to knit it – a fine thing! What about me? She took Pi as well as me to spinning on Monday, but she did finish my first side there – now to encourage her to pick up the stitches for the second side…

First side completed

First side completed

The Pi shawl - She's using *me* as the background - the indignity of it!

The Pi shawl – She’s using *me* as the background – the indignity of it!

And she’s talking about taking knitting away with her this week. It has to be portable, she says, small. That rules me out then. Maybe that matinée jacket will get knitted, or maybe those socks she’s been knitting for yonks.

Portable knitting - the sock.

Portable knitting – the sock.


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