Day Old

Yesterday’s bread was very successful. We had some stinky soft cheese and baby plum tomatoes with our bread and butter, and washed it down with a bottle of cider. SImple meals are the best.

Despite the fact that the bread only came out of the oven mid-afternoon, it did not induce indigestion. This was nothing short of miraculous. I am tempted to lay the credit at the door of the fresh yeast. It’s a panacea, I tell you. A veritable panacea.

The loaf had a lovely crust and a good even texture, with a soft crumb. Far better than it should have been,  under the circumstances.

I wrapped the end of the loaf in a tea towel over night and this morning it was still appreciably soft and not in need of toasting. I had spiced ginger marmalade on mine. Yum. Loaf #1 finished, three to go.

You may attempt to dissuade me but I believe that the extended freshness period too is down to using real yeast.

Every fibre of my being now wants to dash to the kitchen and make something else yeasty today. Tea cakes? Doughnuts? Crumpets? Mmmm… crumpets would be good. Alas, I have no metal crumpet rings. I do have silicone egg rings but they won’t do quite the same job – the heat travelling up the metal rings is what is really required. I must buy some. (I checked the store cupboard for tuna and pineapple but I only have the wrong kind of cans, the ones that ring pull at the top and have the moulded rounded bottom.)

Lardy Cake? Do I have any lard in? I do hope so – I have to make my pastry mix today, ready for the weekend’s mince pies.

But first, lunch. By special request – sausages with mashed parsnips. Toad in the hole has been suggested, though this seems like a criminal act against Donaldson’s Pork, Pear and Black Pudding  sausages!

The back continues to improve but slowly. I am hoping to feel up to a little light knitting later. I’m starting to twitch without it.

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  1. SpinningGill 22nd November 2012 at 10:29 am #

    I have some crumpet rings – if I can find them. You can borrow them if they appear. 🙂

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