Decision Point

I have just completed my second bobbin of purple. Now I need to decide what to do.

The roving, from Hilltop Cloud, arrived as 4 gradient-dyed braids. I also bought some dyed silk hankies. My original plan was to spin a fat single with the braids and ply it to a silk single.  I found that I could not spin this fibre fat no matter how hard I tried. In fact it just kept wanting to spin itself finer and finer…

Clearly, there are options:

  1. Progress as intended, but without the fat part
  2. Navajo ply each single, for 4 skeins of 3 ply
  3. Ply two bobbins together, twice
  4. Ply two bobbins to one of silk, for a mixed 3 ply, twice for two skeins
  5. Ply four bobbins together to make a 4 ply and do something else with the silk
  6. Ply two and two and then cable the 2-plied yarns together… and do something else with the silk
  7. Something else – got any suggestions?

The singles are painfully thin in places, down to a single filament of silk. I believe that Option 1 is ruled out. The rest is up for grabs.

I don’t believe that I can reach a decision until I have seen how the silk spins up. I suspect that I need to ply a bobbin of silk before going any further.

Where’s my Hemp hand cream?

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