When the deep purple falls, the walls come down too

The Rainstorm Shawl is an FO. I completed it around tea -time yesterday, and immediately dug out the Vanessa antiopa socks and got the second one going – not that it has got very far yet, or is likely to make much progress any time soon. I am in deep purple mode alrighty. After these socks are done I could do with a colour injection but the A Hap for Harriet will continue in the same purple vein for some time to come.

Rainstrom completed, Vanessa 50%

Rainstorm completed, Vanessa 50%

In case you are wondering, I am putting the blocking of all these FOs on hold for a while. There’s really too much work going on around here for me to endanger my woolly offspring.

Speaking of work, we stoked up for the day on a bacon and mushroom sandwich this morning and then set about clearing the kitchen away from the partition wall. The same task being undergone in the sitting room, the wall is now about to come down. First things first, though. We have a lovely pair of old Orkney doors to be removed with care in case somebody can use them. They are beautiful doors, short and squat and with lovely old cast iron lever locks on them. Much too good to waste.

The aim of today’s work is to find out to what degree the floor on either side of the partition wall matches – and hence how much work will be needed to make one level floor throughout. Similar attention needs to be paid to the ceiling, which is lined on the sitting room side bit not in the kitchen. There are sockets and light switches that will need moving and making safe, so it’s not a matter of quickly pulling out the old partition. It should not take too long however and we should be cleared up by the end of the weekend.

In the past couple of days we have been giving consideration to the new flooring and have both taken a fancy to slate tiles. We’d just about settled on a company and a product when Gill turned up here with our copy of the local newsletter, the Sanday Sound – in which is an advert for 25 sq metres of slate tiles, and a bag of adhesive! It’s not enough to do the job, but would cover around half the floor. What we need to do now is to find out if they can be easily matched. I rang up but nobody was in. It won’t represent a huge saving if we can use these tiles as half the delivery will most likely cost exactly the same as the full amount. Delivery charges usually equate almost exactly to one arm and a leg, with a tithe on the soul to the devil at the same time…


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