I am in need of a little displacement activity,  overwhelmed as I am by all the boxes and piles of stuff around me, not to mention all the work needing to be done on the site. Shall I tell you about my new cast-on?

If you recall, I was in need of a ferry knitting project for Friday (why? I should have knit hexapuffs!) and was having problems finding something suitable from the UFO pile.

I elected in the end for one of Romi‘s patterns that I have knitted previously. This one is to be  on a grander scale – I have 750 metres of Crannog to use up.

The yarn looks lighter here, photographed in bright sunshine, than it does in our winter gloom – where it looks gingernutty brown with green flashes. This version of Waves of Grain is to be named Late Harvest and is beaded with randomly chosen beads from an Autumnal blend of colours. I am making it larger than the pattern in order to maximise use of my yarn.

I cast on late on Thursday. Then I cast on again. And I cast on once more after that. Having got the pattern established, I took my knitting with me on Friday. I knit in both ferry directions, but not during the day, and as we approached Loth terminal I had completed the beading on the first end and the end of Chart A was in clear sight.

What I have to do now is to discipline myself to be knitting on the things that need clearing up and not on the Pretty Thing With Twinkly Beads.

Anything else I can tell you about to delay having to get stuck into my work? I had a waffle pan delivered yesterday so we had waffles for breakfast. Pretty disastrous waffles, but I shall get better with practice. Um…

Well. Work beckons. I can’t just sit here wishing that I were petting the Crannog and waiting for the Work Fairy to turn up and lighten my load. I am fairly certain that the Work Fairy is a mythical being, in fact.

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