Sorry, no knitting to show you –  but would you like to see my muffins?


They’re a bit uneven and lumpy bumpy because I was very distracted this morning, and the undersides are blackened – due entirely to a very pushy and determined young man who was trying to sell me some undyed yarn from  (I think) the Far East.  It’s a new development, we have had a lot of email spam from China in the past but not calls. I asked them yesterday not to call again, but they did. I ran all the way from the kitchen, only to be offered an “improved” deal on the one that I already declined THREE times yesterday and once again this morning. I hung up, ran back, and was met by the smell of smoke. Thankfully, although the muffins were extremely “well done” it was only the loose flour that was really catching. Thankfully too the smoke alarm did not go off as Mr L was in a conference call on the land line and would not have been pleased if the alarm had begun screeching.

I can’t say the same about my tomato sauce for lunch – that was well and truly caught.

Anyway, I was so very annoyed and flustered that I made a hash of turning the muffins and all the edges stuck together. Hence the messy appearance. They are light as the proverbial feather, though. If the chooks do their stuff today we shall have toasted muffins and top them with a poached egg for our tea. Lovely.

The phone kept on ringing. I sent the busy signal several times because, well, I was busy. In the end, I pulled the plug.

I hate the tyranny of telephones. I really, really do. Much prefer emails, which can be handled at convenience.

All the same, they come in handy for photographing muffins at a pinch. Of course, there’s no SIM card in it yet, so I don’t have to speak to anybody 🙂

Trying to soothe my nerves this afternoon with a few rows of Liz’s Kadril, which has grown very little this week due to my obsession with the Nexus.

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