I did as promised and I took my Valborg doily to Spinning group yesterday. Regrettably I did not then pick up my cape to work on and elected instead to take the Waves of Grain scarf to the point where the main body is a two row repeat. I can now pick that up and put in a few minutes at any time without fear of where that leaves me. I told myself that I could start in earnest on the cape today.

So. You will find me in the kitchen.

I could just frog it and walk away of course and stop dithering and making excuses.

Or I could find some backbone.

While I am looking for my backbone, I may just work Valborg to the point where the central star is complete. That would be a sensible place to stop and put it away.

February is almost over, isn’t it?

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  1. LizH 21st February 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    Loving your approach to knitting targets.
    The main questions to ask are really: 1) are you enjoying the knitting? and 2) can you still put food on the table? (by which I mean both not spent all the food money on yarn and also there is physically room to put a plate down not on top of knitting)

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