Mr L’s not-a-balaclava is rattling along at a fair old pace. I am somewhat mystified by its construction but I am sure that all will become clear soon. I made a start yesterday while watching Flying Down to Rio. I like a bit of Fred and Ginge.

It may be not a day too soon that I have started this project. The wind swept around to the North overnight and has a biting edge to it today. I think that my work will be appreciated and I really ought to be getting on with it, but I find myself flitting here and there, doing various small tasks that have been on my mind. Like…

Shopping: I finally submitted a Lakeland order that has been in my basket for a week, and am still researching the matter of wool-filled duvets. I also stopped by at Amazon, in search of a good bread book and came away with not only that (Bread: River Cottage Handbook No. 3) but also a  sack of bread flour and the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. I narrowly missed buying yeast – I had no idea that one could purchase fresh yeast by post! The postage charge on that is a bit off-putting, so I shall see if I can get some in Kirkwall next week. I miss making bread with real yeast.

Ravelry: Looking for ideas for the after-school knitting thing we are going to be doing. My head is bursting with ideas that keep dragging me away from what I am doing and onto Rav, to look for patterns.

Got any suggestions? I don’t know anything about numbers, age, or gender. All I know is that they will have the basics of knit and purl under their belts. I am thinking that the first week should present a small fast project that uses both stitches as a freshener and a quick hit. After that… who knows? Some iCord, some Domino knitting… though centered double decreases might be running before we can walk, so something involving simple left and right decreases would be good. Mittens knitted flat?

Washcloths are very dull. Potholders for mum? They may be too old for toys – how about catnip cat toys? Jewellery may not turn the lads on, but iCord necklets would be great for the lasses. I reckon we should do some felting at some point – a little pencil case, maybe?

I need genius ideas if we are to keep them motivated. Nothing dull or run of the mill.

My inner genius appears to have gone walkabout.

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  1. Liz H 12th November 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    How about small red socks, knitted with dk or aran weight yarn, to be used as Christmas tree decorations? Never to soon to start with knitting in the round. One of Lucy Neatby’s books has a miniature version of every sock included. I’ve done a couple and they look great. They are also definitely NOT bootees, which might be rather off-putting for any young gentlemen knitters.

    • Beth 12th November 2012 at 1:32 pm #

      Good idea, Liz. I’ve been thinking about Xmas tree decorations, actually – and that is a great way to start socks. I’m thinking we need something simpler to check ability with decreases first, before tackling in-the-round.

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