Dodgy Dealing

I have been rifling through eBay in pursuit of 4 ply matinée jacket patterns. I appear to be thwarted at every turn as what often appears to be sale of a vintage pattern invariably turns out to be a photocopy. None of the sellers involved make any statement about copyright clearance, though one at least does state that this is her original pattern (when all indicators are to the contrary) I assume this to be loose use of English and that in calling it “my pattern” she means “my copy of somebody else’s pattern.”

How do people square this with their conscience? Copying somebody else’s work, willy nilly, and making what is clearly a substantial income from the practice, judging by their eBay figures.

And how do they justify a whopping £2.75 plus 80p postage for copying  4 sides of paper anyway?

Frankly? Appalled.

Conclusion? I need to find out the usual dimensions of an average-size baby and then get the squared paper out.

Am I being over-sensitive? Would you not turn a hair at buying a pattern via eBay that is clearly ripping off some individual’s or company’s  intellectual rights? Is it OK to make an income from such a cynical business practice? Perhaps I am out of touch here in my rural idyll…

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  1. LizH 18th August 2013 at 9:17 pm #

    That sounds rather dodgy. Who can you report them to?

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