Doldrums and Danger

I am in the Doily Doldrums. I have been working quite hard at my Valborg doily, or at least as hard as my joints will allow me to. I have made great headway and it grows seemingly rapidly.  In fact I have completed 134 rounds of 166. You’d think that was almost complete, wouldn’t you but it only comes to 65%. That means I have one third left to do and then… and then… I have to do a crochet edging!

I am more than ready for a change but have promised myself that I shall see this job complete before I pick up another project to work on.  It is like trying to avoid chocolate – one mean’s well but… I can hear the knitting equivalent of a Mars Bar in the fridge calling to me. Loud and clear. I am already doing deals in my head: it’s OK to work on something else. So long as I don’t cast on something altogether new. It will rest my arm to be doing a different task. I shall feel better for the break and Valborg will progress more quickly when I return to it.

Dangerous whispers.

There is a man standing here by my side who says that I am doing it all wrong. He says I should have started at the outside and then I’d be nearly done by now.

Can I hit him?

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  1. SpinningGill 23rd April 2014 at 2:58 pm #

    And I’ve just blogged about the Hebbie yarn! 🙂

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