Drafting-The Long and Short of It with Abby Franquemont

Can I recommend this video from Interweave?

Abby Franquemont is a lifelong spinner – she learned as a small child in South America from the indiginous spinners. Abby has a relaxed presentation style to match her ultra-relaxed spinning style. She is very knowledgable and has a way of passing on her knowledge in a simple presentation.

I previously purchased her Respect The Spindle video (which I also whole-heartedly recommend) so I felt very confident about lashing out on this new presentation earlier this week. It was no disappointment and I learned a lot from watching it (twice so far).

Abby very clearly explains the different drafting methods and fibre preparations to yield a spectrum of yarns from a pure worsted through to a pure woollen. She also discusses the additional factors of plying and finishing treatments. The delivery is well-paced.

If you want to get in control of your yarn, I would have to say that this vid is a real must – if only for the level of confidence (I can do that!) it offers the aspiring spinner. It is even on sale right now and costs just $8.97 for the download version (under £6)

The video is not perfect – it would have benefited from stronger production values. Abby talks to to the wrong camera some of the time and uses a lap cloth that does not show off some of the yarns clearly. I have no complaints at the current price however and I think I learned more than six quid’s worth from it.

Important point for xenophobic Brits – the accent is acceptable and comprehensible. No nerve-grating involved.

Running time: 62 minutes

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