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It has been one of those not-infrequent and somewhat irregular painful planning sessions this morning. I have been reviewing the UFO pile once more.

I’m not sure what to do. I have enjoyed concentrating more on my spinning recently, yet sitting down and ploughing through a quick knit has been extremely rewarding. As always, I need to find a point of balance, yet whenever I draw up a completion hit list I seem to move into an obsessive knitting phase. I feel as though there is great urgency and reason to meet my self-set goals – and this is clearly nonsensical. If only I could look at the goals list with greater detachment. I have nobody to answer to. Not even myself.

I do not intend the spinning to suffer. I am enjoying my learning curve and spinning itself is so much more rewarding now that I know how to produce yarn at a satisfactory pace of output.

The review this morning was not a thorough one – I used only my Ravelry notes and did not delve into the darkest heaps in the farthest corners. I am almost afraid to know just how many cast-on pieces there are out there…

The good news is that my last bout of fevered completion activity has the list down to a more manageable size and it now consists of less than 20 items. I think last time I counted there were 27 woolly conscience biters lying about the place. So, I have done well.

Part of he problem is that I count intention as unfinished works. For instance, there is currently no Kadril. I frogged it. However, I do desperately want to  make a Kadril and the outcome is promised to trundlebug… so it sits there, high on my list of unfinished items. It doesn’t look like a UFO to anybody but me (and maybe to Liz)

Anyway – I came up with  list of short term knitting goals based on a mixture of available will/desire to knit, time to completion/reward, notion of deadline, etcetera. Here’s the immediate list of projects:

  • Crocus Socks – because the KAL finishes at the end of this month
  • Kal Cape – because I want to be in a position to help other knitters, I need to get to the edging as soon as possible
  • Heliotaxis – just because. I love this shawl and have wanted to make one for ages.
  • Kadril – as for Heliotaxis. I just want to see one done
  • High Seas – because I am enjoying it
  • Windswept – because the spreadsheet said so and there’s no point in doing the analysis and then ignoring it (completely)
  • Hannelore – because it is beautiful and  rewarding to knit and because I don’t want to see it fall by the wayside

Now my main problem will be to cope with the lack of reward in my strategy. The socks are a quick fix, but everything else is a long term labour of love. What I do not need is to cast on new small projects in order to get that fix.

Can I look to my spinning for the fast rewards? Will that work? I look at the heap of fleece on the floor, waiting to be combed, and think of of the time and effort involved and I wonder…

Anyway, that’s one job done. I have half of the KAL cape yarn wound and another skein to do. Maybe I will get as far as blocking the Glaciers are Melting today – but I also very much want to try some more long draw practice at the wheel.

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