THIRTY QUID? and the fibre composition not even specified! For a thirty quid teensy tiny jacket, in simple knitting, made in a  couple of hours… I think I’d be looking  for cashmere at that price.

Anyroadup – every definition that I can find for a matinée jacket (sadly, all dictionary definitions rather than mummies’ or knitters’ definitions) say “Short coat for a baby” though one attempt at analysis of the term matinée suggests that the jacket would be specifically indoor day wear. No more formal design description has yet been found. So I reckon that a BSJ must count. Here’s one that I did earlier:

Zak’s jacket set

One large baby jacket that would fit for months, one hat and a  pair of socks, all with yarn left over from 100g.

I am currently pondering a new career in knitted babywear. Thirty quid a throw. Some parents have more money than sense. If we cannot teach the world to knit, maybe there’s scope to milk it dry.

Matinée jacket patterns appear hard to come by these days. I recall knitting really interesting and pretty things for my babies, back in the day. Maybe I’ll look on eBay for vintage patterns. Or maybe I’ll have a stab at designing my own. A nearby infant would be useful, in order to take some measurements.


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  1. LizH 18th August 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    £30 isn’t much, when you factor in knitting time though, is it? I wouldn’t buy it at that price.

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