This is what an empty circular needle looks like. This one is feeling a little naked after carrying stitches for three years and three months.

You know what this means? The Jubilee (Snowbird Cardigan) has been cast off!


It is not yet finished; I still have to knit pocket linings (this afternoon) and then graft and seam a few bits and pieces (tonight) – but it’s a weight off my mind and my lap and my wrists and I could not be happier. Added plus – I can now get the lid on the UFO basket without straining.

UFO Progress Report 28th August

The UFO list has a habit of growing. It started this year with 10 items and now has 12. Shoot me now.

  1. Cardigan: The Jubilee cardigan is on the final straight and will be ready to wash and block tomorrow. Let us call it finished for the purposes of planning.
  2. Cotton Lace 1: No  progress lately  Currently at 12% complete
  3. Scarf 1: Kadril No  progress
  4. Shawl 1: Windswept No  progress
  5. Item from 100g 1: Fair Isle Mittens No  progress
  6. Item from 100g 2: Lisianthus No  progress
  7. Scarf 2: Autumn Arbor No  progress
  8. Cotton Lace 2: Hannelore No  progress
  9. Headwear 1: Current hat design Project No  progress
  10. Shawl 2: Evenstar No  progress
  11. Vanessa antiopa socks: Not a Show project. Gusset completed on sock #1
  12. Item from Handspun #1: Rivington Cowl begun, and body completed. Edging now in progress and 25% knitted. 85% completed.

Work plan for September

  • Kadril – main project. I want to see this cast off by the end of the month.
  • Cotton Lace #1 – I hope to do one round a day, just to see some progress. I have 109 rounds to do, so let’s aim at a completion date three months hence. Or we could allow me some slack and say “finished before Christmas”.
  • Rivington Cowl and Vanessa antiopa socks for completing on the ferry.

Looking ahead: With the doily on-going, and rounds becoming ever longer, I think that I need something with less lace in it to knit alongside, so that means tackling my less than impressive Fair Isle skills in October and working on the Twinflower mittens. Once I have conquered those (and it may take a while) I think I really want to get my teeth into the Windswept Shawl. That should take me until the end of November. I do not intend to commit myself any further than that at this stage. I’d really like to fit more spinning in.

I know that it is ridiculous, but I am feeling the ticking of the clock already. My ambition seems to exceed my grasp, but that is not going to stop me from trying and achieving as much as I can. We have a house to sell. UFO completion is part of the de-cluttering process, when all be said and done.


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  1. LizH 29th August 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    That cardigan is looking lovely. Something that big should surely count as more than one item.
    Looking forward to seeing some Kadril pics 🙂

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