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It is a beautiful morning. Absolutely stunning. The sun is now just rising above a low-lying mist and everything is bedecked in twinkling dewdrops. We find ourselves in that unusual state of complete calm… not a breath of wind to stir the mist. The bay is full of geese. I cannot see them, but I can hear them –  honking and calling and the unbelievable sound of their wings beating on the water. It is the kind of day that brings with it some inspiration and I do feel like creating something soft and fluffy and grey right now, so perhaps Kadril will get another look-in later on today.

First things first, though. I am set to make some Rataouille for lunch. I think we shall have that on couscous. I cannot decide whether to cook some lamb, or just boil up some chick peas. Or maybe I’ll fry some Halloumi, and tempt Mr L’s appetite.

The surgery called on Friday and asked Mr L to go in to see the GP tomorrow. He wants to discuss the contents of the consultant’s letter. Where else in the UK would the GP have the report of Thursday’s examination in his mail box on Friday? We get terrific NHS service up here. Unbelievably good. Evidence being that the GP invites the patient to come in well before the necessary 14 day appointment. We are very lucky – and I am very happy that my beloved’s care is in such good hands. I know that with such individual attention nothing is likely to go unseen.

High Seas made some forward progress yesterday, though not a lot. There is a Who? hat on my desk about ready for crown shaping but it needs a fitting first. No progress to report elsewhere.

Puzzle activity has withered. I think that the week took its toll of us, one way and another and our brains sort of melted down. On the other hand, the weekend’s Prize Crossword was dispatched swiftly and confidently last night. Our best performance to date, I believe and we even went on to tackle the crossword in The Orcadian before lights out.

I have much to do today. Yesterday saw a flurry of catching up on housework and so on but there is still much to do. Sadly, it does not look like much of a drying day.

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