Excuses, excuses…

It would be good to be able to claim that it is the Secret Knitting that is keeping me from providing the normal babble service around here. Alas, I must confess that I have done none of the secret knitting since the outward journey to Kirkwall on Friday.

Try asking me what I did do all weekend. I couldn’t tell you if I tried. Odd that. The weekend is just a blur. There is no particular reason for that.

Let me try and muster the grey matter.

There is further progress on the studio. It’s all incremental now, but each day sees a little more order. I am now in full panic mode, wondering how one earth we shall be fit to put on a show by Friday. (And whether I shall get the second pair of curtains made!)

I brought a nice throw and an attractive cushion home from town on Friday and these are dressing the Comfortable Chair. It looks just the ticket. The succulent collection is growing – a delivery on Friday morning had three new species and an additional variety of Echeveria, and then I found a pot of Lithops in town. I love it that one of the plants is actually sporting a lichen decoration.

It is all coming back to me now. I had forgotten much about my childhood adventures in succulent culture but now I recall the joys of planting a packet of mixed Lithop seeds and the amazement of seeing them grow.

There is one further delivery of succulents expected. They seem to be taking an age to get here. When they do, I shall begin to plant up arrangements – I bought several suitable vessels on Friday and I am itching to make an attractive display.

There was cake, too: Imperfect Carrot Cake. Don’t be led astray by this article and recipe, I actually received complaints from the management! Not up to my normal standard. Allegedly. My search for the carrot cake recipe continues.

There is also fluff! At least three kinds of fluff, in varying states of preparation. I have white lamb fluff – it is purest white and fine and long. I also have grey lamb fluff – pearl grey, soft as a cloud, ultra long, tipped with charcoal… absolutely divine. The third type of fluff is a long-time and ongoing project – one of those fleeces that seems to get larger the more that one deals with it. Less divine than the two lamb fluffs, but oatmeal-ish and interesting nonetheless.

I am going to be spending much of the next few days in fibre prep, I think. The white and the grey are lined up for combing, the oatmeal for carding. There may be a touch of blending involved, if my reach does not exceed my grasp.

There is Spinning on Tuesday and Knitting & Nattering on Thursday so, if I am to be ready to open the doors by Friday afternoon, I have much work to do. Sitting here talking about it will not buy baby a new bonnet, will it? I think I should shelve the avoidance tactics and knuckle down.

Is there any chocolate?

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