Experiential Learning

I have learned a few things over the past week:

  1. The inadvisability of line-drying skeins in a stiff breeze – especially when said skeins are not one’s own
  2. How much I enjoy my own company
  3. That knitting mountains can be climbed, but only at the expense of Tour spinning
  4. That I  far  prefer hand-kneaded bread to the machine-kneaded product.
  5. That revisiting old telly can be a big mistake – those golden gems of TV can turn out to be proper stinkers

On Matter 1

I spent most of today untying the Gordian Knot. I no longer have the patience necessary for such a task but nevertheless, I stuck at it. The air was blue but I now have 1 pair of skeins ready for showing.

A pair of skeins and a Koolhaas

A pair of skeins and a Koolhaas

I really have no idea why it was such a tangle. All my skeins are tied securely in 3 or 4 places. It should not have been feasible for it to tangle in the way that it did, and yet it did. It should be noted that when I got the skeins if from the line, they had pretty much felted to the line itself…. I can only imagine that the wind delivered with it an extra dimension – a little wibble in time and space, that allowed my tidy loops to invert themselves and to go places that hitherto had not existed.

I washed five skeins, so  have a further three to de-tangle yet.

On Matter 2

Mr L is now home. I managed not to miss him very much and not to feel at all lonely. The silence began to get the better of me on Thursday but I conquered the problem by singing… loudly – and scaring the dogs.

On Matter 3

The High Seas is going to be completed in time for showing – I’m almost done with the eighth of nine repeats. This achieved despite breaking off to knit a Koolhaas hat mid-week. Spinning has not progressed at all and I feel an utter failure in that regard – though not stressed about it as I found another pair of skeins that can go on the show bench.


A life on the ocean wave

A life on the ocean wave

On Matter 4

I made bread to welcome Mr L home. I had a go at baguettes, and  I kneaded them by hand. We voted them a great success.  As with the tangled skeins, there is no sense of logic about it – there should be no difference between kneading the dough in the Kenwood and my slapping it about on the table but somehow, it really does make better eating when fashioned by hand. I am inspired – and itching to have another go – but wary of taking time away from the knitting.

Trois Baguettes

Trois Baguettes

On Matter 5

As I did a lot of knitting, I needed to find something to keep me entertained while I sat here. Channel 4 delivered up Hill Street Blues, which I remember with great fondness as being a classic of USAnian TV.   Having knitted my way through the larger part of Series one, I have to say that HSB is pretty damn awful. There’s some prime examples of very bad acting in there and production values are low indeed. It seems  odd now to think that this was ground-breaking stuff and a flagship series for the new channel back then.

And now, looking forward…

Mr L has 1 week back at his desk and then is on leave for two weeks. We shall be shopping, puzzling and doing DIY – oh, and going to the Show, of course!

CISRA Group 1 puzzles are released this coming Monday – Puzzle Week proper begins on the 29th. Three places are available on our team and we’d love some company – especially as poor Mr L is going to be working his socks off all week and won’t have much time to help me out with Group 1.

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  1. Liz H 20th July 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    We’re up for joining you on the Group 1 puzzles, but we’ll be away for the rest, so only sporadically online.

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