Fail, fail, fail – a weekend roundup

My Tour is not going well. I failed to spin both Saturday and Sunday last week, though I did squeeze in a couple of short periods early in this week. On Tuesday I completed bobbin #1… mainly due to losing my end. I still have not found it, nor have I spun since.

So, what have I done?

Well, I went to town. I took Mr L’s sock with me and by virtue of that… managed to reach the toe yesterday and the socks are now in his packing pile – just in time for departure on Monday. So. I made a sock. Big deal.

Gill is of the belief that I can complete a WIP in time for the Show. She is wrong, but I am giving it a go… which is to say that I achieved 6 rows yesterday on my High Seas. A measly half dozen.

What else? We got the stock-taking done yesterday. Oh, and I managed to upset my back. It’s not really bad at the moment but I am  treating it with tender care. I don’t wish to be rendered unserviceable for next week when I am all on my own.

That is it. The sum total of my week.

I am an utter disgrace. My done list is way, way shorter than my undone list.

Heads Up

1 – Knit Pro have a giveaway in their blog – win a shawl pin

2 – Jared Flood has a new Brooklyn Tweed  book of patterns out – just for men:  BT Men – Vol 1

I often look to BT patterns for handspun inspiration and there are a few items in the book that have set my creative juices churning. Mr L may well end up with a sweater very like Barrett and I rather like the idea of making something like the girlfriend version of Chesterfield. That won’t happen for a long time, of course, as I still have to spin all that North Ron and make my Aran sweater.

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