Fantastic Day Today

Tony the postie has been. We have CHEESE! This make me very happy indeed, even happier than the second parcel containing my long-awaited reversing ring. In fact, the cheese makes me more happy than the box of Alpaca fleece from Toft Alpacas. We like cheese.

The cheese has been opened and refrigerated.

Nell seems to think that she may be in with a chance

The cheese was well-packed

Plenty of gel ice packs included, they had thawed but were still quite chilled – package sent 26th July by RM Special Delivery


The reversing ring too is unpacked. I am about to attack the Alpaca and will report back on that later.

I bought some onion bread flour yesterday, so my next task is to get the bread rising. Alas, I forgot to buy oatmeal for making oatcakes. Once the bread is on, we shall select the wine… or not; I also brought home some Theakston’s Golden Sheep and two large bottles of Leffe Blonde so we may have beer. Decisions, decisions! Whatever we do, there are fresh strawberries for dessert – my reward for trudging around town in a downpour.

Oh, I got the second mitt up to the thumb division without any disasters yesterday. Should be done before next week.


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