Ferry fun

I have to go to town for a hospital appointment next week. If the ferries are still on a two-boat operation this will mean a very long day, sailing via Stronsay in both directions. The morning boat departs at 09:35 and the evening boat docks back at Loth at 18:10. The journey time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. I get in to Kirkwall at 11:55 and immediately have to leg it up to the hospital for 12:30. Then I have until 15:30 to kick my heels. It all adds up to loads of knitting time. Not to mention when  I have to go back on Thursday to return the monitoring equipment that I am going to be wearing in the meantime. At least on Thursday I get only the one visit to Stronsay… Then on Monday the 9th, I have to go in again to visit the dentist.

So – I’m going to be needing a new ferry project, as the cowl will be complete (no! It will) and the socks will reach a conclusion during this period. There is still nothing on the hit list that is suitable for ferry knitting. I don’t really want to begin something new and potentially distracting. I’d best take hexapuffs, I suppose.

Shall I?

I mean… Hunter has some more cracking sock patterns in her new book.

Oh. Oh. I have it! When I knitted the latest samples for Hunter, she returned one of each pair – plus yarn to knit another. If I find myself in need of knitting for the boat, the best plan might be to knit mitt  #3 or sock #3. All things considered, I’d rather do the mitt.

Lovely, aren’t they?

Yes, the socks are nice too, but all that casting on – I feel weary just contemplating it!

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  1. LizH 29th August 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Good idea. Those mittens are lovely.

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