First Hurdle

Postie’s been

We have dental registration forms – it has only taken six years.

Not sure why I think we can do puzzle hunt puzzles, when I can’t even fill this form in. I’ve failed at the first hurdle. The instructions say to fill in the Patient Information section, Part 1, top left.

Top left has space only for name and DOB, it is not labelled. Below that section are parts 1A to 1C…

Instructions say then to sign at the cross. There are three signature boxes, none of which are in the top left section and none of which have a cross next to them.

Instructions also say to give phone numbers, but there is no box for a phone number.

I am beginning to think that either it is April 1st and we don’t yet have a dentist at all, this is just a joke, or I have the wrong form enclosed.

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