FO Friday 18th Jan 2013

It is Friday today and  I am having a not-knitting day in order to rest my hands a little. I think I have been giving too much time to knitting in the last few days, probably due to an over-excess of enthusiasm after not knitting at all for ages. I really should try to settle to an equilibrium. Anyway, just because I am not doing any knitting that won’t mean that I shall not be thinking about it. Today is for review and planning and figuring stuff out and writing it down. I made progress on my Leftie-inspired mitts last night and really need to capture what I have done, before the memory becomes fuzzed and then I need to do some maths on my Aestlight so that I can make a finished object with the yarn that I have left. Twhit still requires some editing and then…

Yesterday’s session at the school was huge fun. We had to start from basics but all the participants were keen. I hesitate to call them kids, they were all S1 and S2 pupils. After some discussion, we have decided to teach them Domino Squares as soon as they are ready. That of course has reminded me about that blanket and made me eager to make progress. Now that I have completed the ordering of my scraps in storage, it is time to get the thing on the table and plan the next couple of areas for work, pulling out the candidate yarns from the stash and into the project bag.

Then there is the spinning. It’s the second half of January and I have still done no spinning. I really want to get back into a daily structure where I spin every afternoon. I just need to get going – once I start, I shall be fine. It’s hard to find the routine again now that I am fitting in more or less daily bread-baking too. It is supposed to work thusly: Morning [housework, cook lunch, baking] – Lunch –  Afternoon [Spinning] – Tea – Evening [Knitting] – and it looks so easy and simple when written down that way. So how come it’s the 18th of January and I still have not wrangled one single day into this simple routine?

Anyway, here is one routine that I hope to stick to. Shall we make sure that we have at least one FO Friday post a month from now on?

Finished Objects

Two Finished Objects today – click the tabs to view them. Neither project counts for my UFO Completion Plan – these were both new starts.

Apologies for the lack of good photographs. We await the weather gods and their provision of some decent light (yes, the sun has gone away again and the wind and the wet are back.)


(Image later, every one that I took has camera shake)

What can I say? We have seen one of these completed before. It is a simple knit, straightforward in its construction: centre top-down, knitted on edging. The pattern is simple enough that a variegated yarn will work with it without too much detriment to either. The finished shawl is a small triangle. Knits up quickly from a single skein and makes a fine gift in a hurry.

The pattern is error-free and comes in both written and charted forms – a bit on the pricey side for two pages of simple instruction.



  • Pattern: Leftie by Martina Behm
  • Availability: Ravelry and from Strichmich
  • Price: €3.60
  • Website:
  • Yarn:
    • MC: Blacker Yarns Organic Blend: Corriedale with 17% Alpaca (3 x 50g)
    • Contrast: Nyoni by Fleece Artist, colour Bronze, 65% Wool, 20% Mohair, 10% Nylon, 5% Silk
  • Yarn cost:
    • MC: Free to me, I won this yarn on Ravelry
    • Contrast: Lost in the mists of time – this was an end of range sale from Colorsong and came with two other skeins.
  • Needle: 3.25mm
  • Ravelry Pattern Page: Leftie
  • Ravelry Gallery of Projects: Leftie
  • My Project Page: The Ragged Trousered Leafanthropist



The pattern is well written and links to supporting tutorial material.I was looking for a pattern that would use every scrap of my booty and had Leftie in my favourites since I first saw it.  I had anticipated using sock s scraps but once I put the almost-complete ball of Nyoni together with the natural yarn, well I knew it was a marriage made in heaven. I felt only a small flutter of the heart for the pair of socks that might have been… you see, I had already said goodbye to this yarn once before when I used it to string out another skein of Nyoni, knitted for a pair of man’s bed socks. The heels and toes were done in this for contrast, and I had what remained of the skein… which was quite a lot actually, though I did not weigh it.

In the end, I used just short of three balls of the main yarn, leaving  a fourth for a matching pair of mittens

The leaf construction, done as short rows with wrap-and-turns, is a tad fiddly and some of my leaves went wonky when I forgot which row I was on. I think that they add to the charm. Overall however, it is a simple knit. The ends don’t take much weaving in and if, as I did, you use a single contrast yarn, it is possible to carry the yarn along the increase edge by knitting the KFBs in contrast and the rest of the row in the MC.

The only difficulty I had was in understanding what a PW2 was and it took the (literal) dawning of daylight to see that there are two loops to pick up for each wrapped stitch.

The garter stitch asymmetrical construction is fast and simple, making Leftie a good projects for times when you seek that Zen quality in knitting.

Leftie took a surprisingly long time to knit – I had 6 days on this project, not counting washing and blocking. The scarf blocked to well over 6 feet long (195 cm) and I love it! I never really intended it for my use as I have loads of scarves and triangles already. but it found its way on to my neck when I went out yesterday and was so easy to wear. I think  that I shall wear it often. The subtle and sophisticated nature of the colouring is a little unusual for me, but I can fake it along with the best of them. I don’t have to wear purple every day, do I.

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