FO: Rosa rubiginosa mitts

These mitts began life as a test knit prior to publication. I only knitted one, to verify the pattern, but I did like it and always intended to complete the pair. I finished them off as part of the 2012 UFO reduction plan.

The yarn was left over from a cone that I bought and had previously used to make both my Winter Shawl and my June Shawl. It is plied from 10 strands but only loosely and is a bit of a pig to knit with at the best of times. At this gauge, it was quite punishing and made for slow progress. As it is, I have loops hanging out all over the place.

Not the best yarn for this job, in terms of showing the attractiveness of the stitch pattern, but  the yarn is soft and warm. It doesn’t look like much right now but I know from previous experience that it will bloom and soften on washing and I shall have some wonderfully warm hands this winter. The twisted rib pattern clings for a beautiful fit.

UFO count now = 21


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2 Responses to “FO: Rosa rubiginosa mitts”

  1. Liz H 26th October 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    UFO count 21? That’s pretty good progress. Hope you aren’t finding it too demoralising.

    • Beth 27th October 2012 at 10:51 am #

      Luckily not demoralising in any way. I am enjoying the thrill of ticking them off. Just not enjoying looking at the pile of large projects and knowing the ticks will become ever more infrequent. Discipline does not come easily to me and some projects require more than others. The current one is taxing me to the limit and may need putting to bed again for a while.

      PS Great job on the puzzles!

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