FO: Twhit

Twhit is finally properly finished, with all its eyes attached. It has been FO’d before, I know, but as we have new photographs and it is Friday… and I have nothing else to offer since knitting has been in short supply recently…

The new blog kept me busy for a few days but activity there should reduce to a saner level now. Kneading bread does cut into knitting time, admittedly, but this may not be such a bad thing.

In Other News: Gill just called round and gave me a totally unexpected un-Christmas present – a Rumtopf! I am so delighted with it. I can’t wait to start filling it. Join us this time next year to see the results. Thank you, Gill, it is quite literally just what I always wanted. I think that we may start with a pineapple… and a bottle of Rum is top of my next shopping list (we finished a bottle the night before last.)

While Gill was here we were watching the pheasant in the garden. She’s a young lady pheasant, and very pretty. I am pleased to have her and do not begrudge her the grain. I am fairly sure there is a boyfriend around too, as the first time I noticed pheasant activity, there was a definite clerical collar in sight.

It’s St Andrew’s Day today,  patron saint of Scotland. We  have just had our haggis. I may have to put my feet up for the remainder of the day.


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