Fork in the Road

A decision point – hang a right and terminate the Leftie here, or keep on to the left.

This thing has become unwieldy and, worse than that, rather boring. I have 26 leaves done and half of the third ball is knitted. I was  supposed to be maximising use of the yarn, though – and even I cannot maintain the need for more than one ball to make a pair of matching mitts. Doing one more block feels pointless – it would add little but extra weight to the finished scarf.

I am uncertain what to do yet and will no doubt reach a conclusion when I sit down to Knitting Time later today. Either way, it is clearly an FO queuing for Friday’s spotlight. I’d like the Flambé to be in the spotlight too, but it looks like being a busy week with little time available for knitting. There is much work to be done on the web site! and that is before I begin to consider all else that needs to be done.

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