Friday Roundup

I have just calculated a massive 18% growth in my hexapuff blanket. I made two puffs this week and now have 13 instead of 11. Go, me.

The Cat shawl is growing steadily, though not very quickly. I am up to 141 stitches – Chart A will take me to 237, if I  remember correctly.

The edging of the Ladies Circular Cape in Shell Pattern progresses quite slowly. I have done 4 points since turning the corner. For some reason this edging is hurting my hands a great deal, so I am not spending long periods on it. There is a long way to go. Each edge repeat is 12 rows and is based on 16 stitches. Six stitches are joined for every repeat and there were 684 stitches at the bottom edge. 684/4= 171

Leaving aside the complication of the double joins at each end… 171 – 5 = A very long way to go indeed.

I think I could push out 4 points an hour if I worked in a concentrated fashion. That means there are between 40 and 50 hours needed to finish just the bottom edge. If I were to allot two 1 hour sessions a day… every day… it is going to take me three weeks just to edge the bottom, then there is the second side and second half of the neck to do.

Not that I believe for one moment that I can maintain such an effort of discipline for so long but if I could, it’s still realistically a minimum of a month before this cape is done.

I think that I shall set a target of Christmas or New Year, and be happy if I make it. I think that I need to see projects completing faster than that if I am to stick to the Project Diet so a little bitting and bobbing may be better for my resolve than a steady push.

It’s Friday. An FO would be nice, but my finishing bits for the Benny toy are not here yet. It is good to know that I can tick him off next week though.

There has been no crochet progress this week so far. I  might do a little today – it is good for my hands to have a change of activity.

And, speaking of changes of activity. I think part of the reason that I am feeling so lacklustre may be due to the lack of actual spinning in my life right now. I am missing Jennifer – her visits kept me focused on my wheel and now she is gone home, there’s nobody to remind me to get some work done. I need to spin on a daily basis, it keeps me centered.

So, I do believe that is me sorted for the weekend: two hexapuffs daily, to be taken with some spinning fibre and a healthy diet of Tunisian crochet. That, and cleaning the chooks out. Oh, and bottoming my UFO piles. Again. There may be photos.

What are you going to be up to this weekend?

In Other News:

  1. Treacle seems to be fine. We have had Words and he has been told not to frighten us like that again.
  2. Mr L is v excited to hear that his Cumulus software had an appearance on National TV last night – this follows closely on the heels of being named as most popular UK weather station software in a recently published book.
  3. I am v cross with Mr L for not going to see our GP. And I am v proud of Mr L, see #2 above.
  4. I have not gone to town. I’ll think about going on Wednesday. Maybe. I can take hexapuffs with me…
  5. Cod and Chips today. Scrum.
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