Fully Thawed

The final three rows and the cast off for Glaciers are Melting were whizzed off this morning. I immediately wrapped the shawl about my neck, and have not moved it since.

I love the scrunchy character that it has currently and am all but loathe to wash and block it, as the character will certainly change greatly.

The blocking probably won’t happen immediately as I need the table top for the swift and ball winder – the KAL cape has progressed to the stage where it requires a second ball of yarn joining in. My heart sank this afternoon when I realised that the 65% point that I have just reached is only the body section. The edging is yet to come, and is huge. I think that the only approach to this project is to keep taking  wee nibbles and avoid indigestion.

In the meantime, Crocus vernus socks have been cast on. They are going well and are going be gorgeous.

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