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We are having problems with a couple of broody chooks who won’t come off their (empty) nests to roost in the coop at night. The turn to the worse of the weather recently has seen us plodging around the garden and adjacent field in sopping wet nightclothes in an attempt to retrieve said chooks and put them to a safe bed.

Not tonight, though! Ex tropical storm Kirk approaches and we shall be rounding up recalcitrant fowl in good time tonight.

The weather is not expected to be too bad – the Met Office are forecasting wind speeds around 40mph-ish by lunch time tomorrow. That’s a Gale Force 8, gusting to over 60 mph. The Beaufort Scale at Wikipedia says: Progress on foot is seriously impeded. Guess who won’t be walking up to Spinning tomorrow.

I made a fairly disgusting treat today in case I do get to Spinning. I need to test it and make sure that my experiment worked. A recent Approved Foods purchase of ten jars of cinnamon paste prompted some culinary ingenuity. The stuff resembles nothing so much as peanut butter and I wondered if a cinnamon version of peanut butter squares might not be nice.

Pretty, but does it taste good?

I shall let you know!

Apparently, some folks read blog tags. The observant LizH noted the Benny tag. The game is all but up. My Benny (he’s called Leo for now) now has a body, two legs and two arms. He requires a head, a tail and two ears. I was going to reveal all once a head had been knitted but… here’s the Benny that started me off

IngeOma’s Benny2

Isn’t he great?

Seemingly it has been positively raining cats (no dogs around here) as both of last week’s new cast-ons were Cats. I have to admit that the Cat shawl was put on hold as soon as I spotted Benny. Benny will soon be done – maybe even by close of day tomorrow, If I keep the pace up. It looks like tomorrow will be good for nothing more than knitting anyway. I wonder how quickly the noses and eyes will come? I’ve ordered proper glass cat’s eyes and some cat-shaped noses, but I hope to needle-felt his features so that he has real individual character. The bits that I’ve bought are just the backup plan for when I turn out to be incompetent with a felting needle.


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