Thinking about how close we are to the next Sanday Soulka galvanised me to take up Completion Mode today.

Remember the Long Leaves Scarf?

I added the fringe. At last.

Recall the second Rhodocrosite?

It’s blocking. At last.

The Narcissus socks are also blocking.

And there is washed yarn drying on the airer.

If that were not enough, I’ve also been sampling fibres and labelling them.

Not a bad day’s work, actually.

I’ll block the Long Leaves tomorrow, once the Rhodocrosite is off the table. Tomorrow is also the day for fulling my Kindle pouch.

Got to dash, I have a Pork Loin roasting and  it smells as though it may be ready.

Image from The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet by Hunter Hammersen

I’ll leave you with this thought: Hunter’s new KnitalongCrocus vernus

in Fleece Artist?

Oh, yes, I think so – don’t you?

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