Gathering the sheep

The sheep had to be vaccinated on Thursday, so I got the pen ready and took Tan in to the field to gather the hoggs (last year’s lambs) ready for Fenella’s arrival. She was coming with her dogs to help getting the pregnant ewes in – Tan is a bit boisterous to trust with the ewes.

However, Fenella arrived before I’d finished getting the hoggs in. (They were being rather awkward, and my sheepdog-handling skills still leave something to be desired!)

Finally all the sheep were in and two very muddy dogs were put into their respective Land Rovers to dry off.

Fifteen of the sheep had to be vaccinated, and after half an hour or so they were all done, plus we’d trimmed the Shetlands’ feet. Fenella also checked to see which were likely to be in lamb, and reckoned that all the Shetlands were, plus the two Jacobs and the two former caddy lambs, but she wasn’t certain about the Hebrideans, which had been running with a different ram. We’ll know in a few weeks!

After all that, it being a cold afternoon, we retired inside for a cup of tea and a small restorative raspberry brandy!

I thought I’d let Tan dry off and get the mud out of her fur when it was dry, but wished I’d washed some of it off when I saw how thick it was. So I decided that whatever the weather was the next day I’d have to wash the mud off somehow.

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