Getting closer

One of our fibre friends on Orkney is Amanda, aka PeediePanda. She, like me, is interested in photography and has recently committed herself to taking at least one photograph a day. You can cheer her on here. I thought I might do more than that, so I am trying to be her running partner and also take an image a day. Should you wish to cheer me on, mine are here and categorized as PeedieChallenge.

It is strange how, at the moment one commits to an image a day, all inspiration is completely removed from one’s head. Thank heaven for WIP Wednesdays I say.

This bobbin of singles began  yesterday at this week’s spinning group. I took Morgana, with her transport wheels, and it all worked very splendidly (many thanks to Duncan and Jennifer for the lift – without which Morgana could not have had her outing.) (Thanks too to Rosemary, for the delicious scones.)

My intention was the chuck the fleece at the wheel and make something weighty (and fast) that might be entered in the Show next Thursday  evening. Alas I still find it difficult to not spin fine. Look at this – it will never make a pair of skeins in only a week.

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