Gift Vouchers

In conversation with a customer last night, I mentioned that we sell Gift Vouchers for use  in our shop or on our courses. That set something a-niggling in my brain. I checked the site and, yes, I had forgotten to create the Gift Voucher product on the new shop software when we changed over last year. Well, that explains why we have sold no vouchers recently!

I have redressed the error and you can now buy vouchers to give, or ask loved ones to purchase them for you. They come in £10 increments and are valid for six months from a date specified by the purchaser as the date of giving – this means that they can be purchased in advance, with no loss of time available to spend them.

Vouchers are personalised to suit the giver/recipient/occasion and individually produced on quality letter paper. We’ll even throw in one of our high quality and exclusive Runestone Greetings Cards for vouchers purchased as Christmas gifts. For birthdays in the winter season, just ask, I’ll throw one in for you too. For now we only have cards suitable for winter giving – something that I must sort out very soon. Pick your cards here – sorry, all the Griff ones have been sold. They were hugely popular! The (blank) cards retail at £1.60 each.

Please note that we require an email address for the voucher recipient. This is a security measure and the recipient will need to use that same email address when placing an order from the shop.

As always, do get in touch if you have any questions.

PS – that typo in “crochets hooks” ? It won’t be in any actual vouchers produced! I just couldn’t bear to recreate the image without the typo at this point, it has taken me all morning to produce this one as it is.


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