Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee…

The site search term that caught my eye this week was

i dont like the knitters loom

My immediate reaction was – how sad. To have all the thrill of buying a new loom and then not to love it. I can only imagine the letdown.

I on the other hand, adore my Knitter’s Loom and, to be honest, my second and almost immediate reaction was – oh, well, give it to me! I am sure that I could handle two in my life.

Now, I know that sounds more than a little greedy and acquisitive, but I think it was an honest reaction. I do love my Knitter’s Loom and am frequently caught by an urge to get it out and warp it up. That is the point that I realise that there is always a WIP in place.

If I had a spare, I could indulge my whims.

However, as I cannot find time in my day to weave what is already on loom #1, how on earth would I cope with concurrent weavings.

My instincts must be pure madness.

but, hey, it’s a thought…

On the subject of my wee loom – this week’s Ashford delivery brought me the Second Heddle Kit, plus two 10dpi reeds. I am eager to learn to double weave…

Today is the Big Cleaning Day. Next Saturday sees the first of our 2012 Open Studio days. My conservatory is playing host again. After a long winter acting as an extension to the garage, it requires much work. I have done the emptying and tidying already, and this morning I awoke to the sound of Mr L starting to pressure wash the outside. (He’s keen!)

Once I have had my coffee I shall start steam cleaning on the inside.

Once it is done, I shall be able to weave more often… as I did last summer. It is great to be able to leave the loom in a well-lit space and to have it ready to sit at in any spare ten minutes.

I shan’t get far in preparation for next weekend today – one of our Spinning Group is coming round this afternoon for assistance in blocking her first shawl. Gill and Mr Gill too are coming round for general socialisation, beer, and some forward progress in creating stock for next week.

A busy day! and I still have to write today’s Knit Crochet Blog Week post – this one is distinctly not on topic.

See you later (much.)

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