There can be few enthusiasms as great as that of a small child for a bowl of flour and water paste. We had much fun yesterday!

These are going to take a good few days to dry. I am looking forward to seeing the results (and to getting my bowls back!)

My Show box is packed and ready for tonight’s submission, and has been so for the last 24 hours. This is a First for me – no mad panic to be had today. Last year I was blocking the prize-winning shawl on the afternoon of the actual submission day

A review a couple of weeks ago revealed that I  had done completed nothing intentional for the Show this last 12 months. All was not lost –  a brief chat with Gill, followed by some rummaging, revealed several items at hand that have not previously been entered. In the end, I actually amassed a whopping 27 entries. Apart from that second pair of skeins, only one entry was especially produced this year, and that is a photograph that I took at the weekend.

It’s all low-grade stuff, really and there are no expectations of prizes. I am pretty proud of my North Ron skeins and it would be nice if they were to be placed. I think I would also like Sunday’s photograph to get a ticket. I like it a lot. However, the way that it normally works is that the things that I think are good, fail to be placed, and the ones that I chuck in with little thought, as second entries, are the ones that turn up surprise tickets. I’ve never worked out the rationale. It’s all good fun.

It all helps fill the tables anyway.

I am predicting a First for Gill’s cotton doily and I’d like to see her with a win in the skeins class too. I hope her Serenity Socks are going in too (mine are!)

Next year, I am promising myself, will be the year in which I break my duck in the baking and preserves sections. I never seem to have time to arrange some baking. I really would like to have a plan for next year.

Anyway – it’s all in hand and now is the time for me to start rushing around to get ready for the Soulka this weekend … and I still have to complete Hunter’s samples – the second project made progress last night but I was very tired after entertaining an unaccustomed child and I headed for an early bed. I’m not good granny material. Grannies require stamina, if you ask me.

The early bedtime paid off – we got to listen to a radio prog about Don McLean (that’s the American Pie chap, not to be confused with Don Maclean, a rather dire British “comedian” that some may recall from their Crackerjack days.) It was well worth the listen and I recommend catching on the iPlayer if it is available. Also heard last night – Mike Harding’s Cambridge Folk Festival programme. Billy Bragg (my hero!) was brilliant. ( really must treat myself to this: Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions)

Yes, I am displacing. *sigh* Where’s the vacuum cleaner?


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