Good News, Bad News, Small Progress

My, how the years fly by! Today was Annual Appraisal day for Mr L. I was banished from the office while he had his appraisal via telephone (financial stringency at his company meant he could not travel down to the office – a mixed blessing.)

He emerged with a smile on his face.

There was Good News – they had exceeded their performance targets so there is to be a Perfomance Bonus as well as the Retention Bonus this year.It’s a huge relief and will go a long way to restoring the bank balance after all the spend on the Landy. So we don’t have to sell the house just yet awhile. Phew.

There was Bad News – authority to sign off non-flight travel has been delegated down to within his section… this means that he has been summoned south in June, but cannot fly – it’s back to the two day journey and four hour wait on Preston station.

Rather him than me.

There was further Good News, in the form of a sweetener. When he goes South in June, his boss is going to work with him on establishing an upward movement of grade.

Now, if only the Land Rover would start going right…

The diagnosis on the defective braking system suggested that the problem was rear axle only.

Further inspection revealed that the brake shoes had been put on the wrong way round. The rear brake shoes were removed once again, and tonight there will be an attempt to replace them… correctly.

There is hope yet.

I am all packed up and ready to go tomorrow. It’s Knit & Natter and I have an inordinate amount of stuff to go with me – including my Afternoon Tea shawl, once it is off the table. Yes – I blocked it last night. Only roughly, as it was late when I recalled the fact that it was sitting in the sink.

The Afternoon Tea is coming with me as an example – one of our knitters wishes to tackle a small shawl while we are doing the KAL. She doesn’t feel up to joining us on the  cape and wants a less challenging project to work on. I was tasked with finding patterns, yarn and needles for her – so am taking a selection to show her. I’m recommending Cindy Guggemos’s Lace Fichu but also taking along Simmer Dim, Afternoon Tea and Asterope. What with patterns, knitted examples, choice of yarns, and needles… that’s a lot to cart along.

And me with no car.

Thank heaven for friendly neighbours is all that I can say.

Anyway. It’s Wednesday. Time for the WIPs. Photos are poor today as I couldn’t set up for anything more than hand-held snaps. Sorry.

Afternoon Tea (upside down) on the blocking mats

Two at a time socks

I am making poor progress on my goal to clear a couple of WIPS before casting on for the KAL. There is still one whole ball of yarn to be knitted into the Rhodocrosite. No progress to report on Hannelore. This is mainly due to my attempt on a pair of two-at-a-time toe-up socks. They are growing faster than anything else and I seem to be quite enjoying them. I’m using the 2mm Nova circulars that I bought to use for the Hannelore. I shall have to get another set soon. Apologies for the camera shake.

Oh, hang on a mo – was I not supposed to be showing you my singles?

Shetland tops, randomly blended on drum carder

I wish that I had more of this to spin. There will be just the one skein, alas.

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