You know how sometimes you get on the tracks and just keep on going. In the groove. Going well, until you realise that you took off on the wrong track entirely?
Well, when I say “you” I may mean “one.” As in “I” or even the Royal “We” … Like Queen Victoria, we are not amused.

Anyway, I spent last evening frogging the Rivulet and re-knitting it. Now it has four matching raglans instead of two pairs of different raglans.  By the time that I headed for bed last night, I had got it back to the point at which I left off . Today has seen some forwards progress, though not  a lot. I went to the GP before breakfast, had bloods drawn, came home feeling worn out, cooked a Chili Con Carne and then found the day to be all but over. No idea where the time went. I think that I may have been engrossed in the penultimate Masterchef Professionals. My money is on Adam. Don’t tell me what happens tonight as I shan’t be able to watch until after I come home from town tomorrow.

I cannot believe how tired I feel. I just want to lie down and sleep. Unfortunately I have to go back to town tomorrow and so I must organise bags and lists and tickets and stuff. I shall be the one asleep  in the corner on the ferry tomorrow… the one snoring.

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