Be warned – the Ouch factor is still high and has pushed me to the edge of Grumpy Person mode, especially as I can’t go spinning and had been looking forward to starting the North Ron roving.

The puzzles are not helping the grump factor either. One especially is driving us nuts. The puzzle appears to be solved – we have reduced it to the state of producing what would appear to be the answer/answer prompt but none of the answers that we have tried are correct. It is maddening. Judging my the answer to attempted answer statistics, there are a lot of frustrated puzzlers out there apart from us.

A second puzzle has us, we believe, in the right area. We have worked through it and have data but no idea how it should lead us to a solution.

A third puzzle is cut up and has received many manipulations, but no solution is yet forthcoming.

The fourth puzzle – we recognise the elements of the puzzle but are not sure how to progress. We have one idea but are resisting it strongly. A different idea would be far more welcome than the one that we have. We are, in fact, in Puzzle Denial over this one.

Current puzzle solution rating 0/4 Not very good at all.

The weather is a bit miz and I am feeling the cold, due to being unable to keep myself moving and thereby generate some heat. I’m improving sufficiently to feel able to cook the kind of meal that can be done with sit-down preparation and very little stove top attention – so it’s stew and dumplings today.

More of Lara today, I think, accompanied by Robert Tressell.

Yesterday saw the transition to knitting in the round – once I had searched for, identified and pinched the right-sized needle tips from my Windswept Shawl. Time and time again I am so grateful for those nifty little end stoppers that come with the KnitPro interchangeables! How did I manage my knitting life before them?

Lara’s crown shaping begins immediately the round is joined. There are 16 border stitches suspended at either end and every round decreases by 2 stitches now, so progress is fast and becoming ever more rapid. I shall reach the point (tip?) very quickly this afternoon. There will still be a long way to go after that however – this hat has a lot of finishing. I have not yet read the detail. I am keeping that for a  joyous surprise. All that I can say at this stage is… iCord, and little leaves.

That’s not going to help my temper, is it?

Ah, you know me so well.

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