He has been warned

Our poultry flock has grown. In addition to the remaining two Cochins, three Black Rocks and the umpteen casually calling Starlings, we now have a Pheasant gorging on our highly expensive poultry feeds.

I told him – a fine young chap such as he would make a fine Christmas feast. Somehow though, I think that he knows that I quietly revel in seeing such a beautiful creature and knowing that he is safe from the organised ritual slaughter in play elsewhere in the UK. He seems to be laughing at me anyway.

In short, he is welcome. Even the chooks appear to be open to the notion of sharing their feed – they are less hospitable towards the greedy starlings. I just hope that Treacle does not set his sights on a fancy festive meal.

Actually, Treacle seems to be happy enough with his own food today, as does Ted.

When we lived in more civilised parts, we bought our pet food from Costco. Their own brand premium cat food was the very first prepared food that Ted ate without fuss. It was also the first food to settle his “Bengal Tummy” – something which had plagued his life and ours ever since we first brought him home. Both cats snorted this food down with abandon for several years and were not impressed by the change to other foods when we came here. Now, after six years of persuading them to eat Brekkies or whatever, we can get Costco food by post. A sack arrived on Saturday and this morning we had two greedy and appreciative cats. Don’t believe what people say, there is no problem in weaning cats off their habitual food to another… not so long as it is the Kirkland feed you’re swapping to. Ask our boys, they both seem highly satisfied!

All we have to do now is to keep Treacle out of the utility room, as he will be in there gorging from the sack at every opportunity.  Well, it may help save the local vole population from decimation, not to mention safeguarding our new Pheasant friend.


  • back improving, slowly
  • so Mr Gill and Mr L helped with the studio  reorganisation, bless them
  • the mince pies and mulled wine were both excellent
  • Gill’s soup went down a treat too, with some of my bread
  • but no knitting done, still, nor spinning
  • yesterday was spent in the kitchen, making Quiche Lorraine and a Stollen
  • there is more yeast on its way!
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