Hello, Monday

Hi again, Monday. I could have done without seeing you for a couple more days yet. It was definitely a case of too much weekend and not enough time to fit it in to.

We have a planned power outage this afternoon, beginning before our normal lunch time. I’m going to make some soup and cheese scones soon – we can reheat the soup quickly on a picnic stove when the time comes. I must be certain to grind some coffee for this afternoon so that I can whip up a cafetière at 3pm, as that is the part that always catches me out.

I must say that we could have done with a brighter day for a power cut. If the day stays this dark and grey we shall have problems working this afternoon. I am planning to spend my power cut hours with the drum carder as I think that I may have been spinning a little too much recently. I have some sore bits.

The productivity of woollen spinning is amazing. I am a convert, for that and other, knitterly, reasons. I am also a convert to North Ron fibre. I am planning a sweater! I think I shall cheat though and not do my own fibre prep. I have contacted Jane regarding the provision of roving in quantity suitable for clothing my generous proportions. If I were a smaller woman, I am sure that I would do my own but if I had to prep a kilo of fleece then I think I would lose heart long before I ever got to the spinning.

Over the weekend I completed the N Ron fibre that I had to hand. Then I embarked on my first “funky” spin and tried an auto wrap single. I think that I was being a bit previous – I really need more practice at throwing thick and lofty fibre at my wheel… especially when using top. It was a bit of a disaster, to be honest.


A picture?

Must I?

It’s a bit difficult right now. It’s dark and gloomy…

See? I’ll try again when I have time to get the tripod out (and tidy up first!)

I’m carding the last of the Corriedale x Romney in this afternoon’s session. Perhaps I could use that to practice lofty spinning.

It is going to be too dark to make progress on the latest inadvertent cast-on (making good progress, thank you) or any form of knitting requiring care, I wish that I had stuck to my plan to finish the sample mitts last evening. I am kicking myself now. There are just a few rows of thumb to do – maybe ten or fifteen minutes’ work. Can I find the necessary gumption? It seems to have gone missing.

I need a new desk lamp. Any recommendations? I would like one like the swanky ones in Line of Duty. I wonder where they sourced them from…

UPDATE: I found them. Would you believe it – they are from Ikea! The last place on earth I can get to and a company that does not deliver. No! Do not tell me that I can shop online. They DO NOT deliver to those who need it most, only to those who can easily access their stores anyway… I quote:

the delivery address specified for delivery must be within mainland United Kingdom and within our pre-defined delivery areas (which exclude Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish islands and other areas which we do not serve).

Just one more company that does not give one jot for the needs of remote dwellers. (Tell that to Kate Davies)

3 Responses to “Hello, Monday”

  1. SpinningGill 6th August 2012 at 10:36 am #

    I think Gloucester or Cheltenham has an Ikea. I could ask R to get it and post it to you if you like.

  2. Katie 6th August 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    I’ll be going to Ikea in the next couple of weeks, want me to buy one and post it to you?

    • SandaySpinner 9th August 2012 at 8:46 am #

      Thanks, Katie, that is a generous offer! However, Mr L tells me that lamps are in hand and coming from the Daylight Co.

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