High Fibre Diet

Don’t all faint at once, but there is evidence of fibre activity on the Windswept Acre.

1 – I finally sat down and completed my Lazy River roving.

It’s funny how I never really got into this spin – it never once spoke to my inner spinner and I was spinning the fibre only to clear it from the stash, and then I forgot I was spinning it with a backwards draw, and then I plied it the wrong way… and after all that, I love the yarn!

It’s not good yarn – as I said, it began life as a backwards draw single and finished it as a forwards draw one, and I totally forgot when I sat down to ply that the plan had been to chain ply it and keep the colour progression. It has lumps and bumps too. Yet, I do like it. It’s not washed yet, but here it is, ready for its bath.


Lazy River roving: 4 ounces Superwash Merino from Fibre Optic, via Etsy $15. Been in my stash since Feb 2009.


2 – Having achieved the plan to free my wheel for Tour de Fleece, I promptly sat down and began to spin again…



This is some of Ashford’s Silk Merino Sliver

A sumptuous fibre blend in 11 beautiful random colour ways, made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk. The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend. Create fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving. Available in 1kg (2.2lbs) bumps or in 100gm (3½oz) bags.
The Merino sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed.

Colourway 106, Spice. This stuff spins like a dream and is always a pleasure to work with. I would like a bump or two  in this shade, to make a sweater. This time I have set off with a semi-woollen spin and I hope to keep going that way. The fact that I need to free the wheel again for the Tour should help to keep my mind focused and my hands busy.

Here’s a quick question – should we stock this sliver? Both Gill and I love to spin it and cannot recommend it highly enough, but we’re a  bit shy of stocking it and not being able to shift it.

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Should we stock this sliver?’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Yes%26#x002c; please stock it asap! I%26#039;ll buy some.,No%26#x002c; I would not be interested’/][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ /][/contact-form]

3 – I’ve grabbed some snaps of my Tour project fibre


North Ronaldsay roving, in three shades. The plan is to make a three ply, with one ply of each shade. I am aiming for an Aran weight and I hope to make a sweater of it.

There is a lot of it (I’m a big girl and require lots of covering) and it more than fills a crate:


How much I shall spin for the Tour, I cannot possibly guess…


4 – In the mail this week, good stuff from Katie at Hilltop Cloud.

I decided to spin silk hankies for the Tour Challenge Day. While I was buying them, I spotted some roving that looked as though it would pair well with the silk (assuming that I spin it successfully, that is.)



Both are quite lovely, though go together less well than I thought that they might. I shall reserve judgement on what to do with them until both are spun.



I shall need a lot of hand-cream on my hands before I can spin these hankies. More black in them than I thought, and also more brights in the pink and blue areas of the spectrum.


The camera is struggling to represent these colours – the braid is more purple than amethyst in fact. 40% Shetland 40%Merino and 20% Tussah Silk, hand blended by Katie – this stuff is airy and lofty and cloud-like. It will spin up very quickly, with no effort on my part. I almost want to tear that Spice sliver from my wheel and get stuck in!

5 – and if that were not enough fibre to be going on with, I have been in the kitchen, making good wholefoodie stuff.


Our Tour de Fleece team is a little thin. Why not join us? You can join as many teams as you wish, so what’s to lose? We’d love you to share your spinning with us.



2 Responses to “High Fibre Diet”

  1. LizH 15th June 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    I’ve been vaguely looking for a UK supplier of silk hankies ever since I read about them on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. Thank you! I’m beginning to realize that you are an extremely bad influence on my stash acquisition, but I won’t tell if you won’t.

  2. SandaySpinner 16th June 2013 at 1:26 pm #


    For cheap practice with undyed hankies, try World of Wool http://www.worldofwool.co.uk/products/153/silk/mulberry_silk.htm

    Ebay should turn up a few too and you can also get them from George Weil and other places.

    Hand-dyed hankies can be had from Natalie at the Yarn Yard from time to time and also via Folksy, as well as from Katie.

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