Home from the Fair


We are home from the Christmas Fair, having done a surprisingly brisk trade today. We had taken the Ashford E-spinner with us and it caused much interest as we sat and quietly spun away in our corner. The Blending Board also got a lot of attention. KnitPro needles were  flying off the counter.

The poonies attracted some unwelcome attention and were fondled a great deal, leaving some of them in a rather sorry state. Next time – a Please Do Not Touch sign! One of our neighbours thought that rolling up the poonies from the board was a bit of a waste – she suggested lifting the fibres from the board in a piece and mounting them to hang on a wall. What a clever idea! I do think that lifting off as a sheet and then needle-felting would be a great idea but I also see that sandwiching under glass would be feasible too.

I actually had a go with a pooni and my small drop spindle, to see how things would work out. For me, surprisingly quite successfully – I am usually very cack-handed with a drop spindle. I confess to having waited until fewer people were around to see me fail.

My poor studio looks as though a bomb has hit it. The problem now is that there is a strong chance that I am hosting Spinning Group this week. Oops. It can wait. All I want right now is a hot bath and a square meal. I’ll tidy up… “later”.

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