Honey to the Rescue?

Picture this…

I decided to make some bread and rolls this morning, using the last of my (now not-so) fresh yeast. I inspected the yeast, decided that after trimming it a bit that it should be ok, weighed out the flour, put the yeast and a knob of butter in, and rubbed them both in, then added the water and mixed and kneaded the dough for a few minutes (I don’t rigidly knead my dough for ten minutes – I knead it until it looks right).

I put it back in the mixing bowl, then washed up a few things and made myself a cup of coffee. Now, I have sugar in coffee, and I’d just picked up the spoon to stir the cup, when I thought “Oh, dear. I haven’t put any sugar in the bread dough” (or words to that effect. 😉 )

I thought that adding granulated sugar probably wouldn’t cut the mustard – then I remembered that we have runny honey. I tipped the dough back onto the board, spread it out a bit and plonked a generous teaspoon of clear honey in the middle of it, then kneaded it for another good five minutes.

I’m now here, wondering how I can resist looking at the dough every quarter of an hour, as it now has two reasons that it may not work – old yeast and the late addition of sugar.

I’ll go and get the strimmer out…

Oh, and do some spinning whilst I watch the MotoGP.

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  1. Beth 15th July 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Bread does just fine without sugar – my plain and savoury breads never get any, only the sweet ones.

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