How to get things wrong, completely wrong, horribly wrong

It was the wee small hours when it registered: it’s July. That’s JULY. Not only that, it is the middle of JULY.


What on earth have I been doing? Don’t answer that, because I know what I have been doing – living in my own little world. I have been honing my spinning skills; day after day – watching instructional video, reading books, getting my hands on the wheel. And what have I been spinning? Top! I have been spinning Top, safe in the “knowledge” that my skills are improving and when I get around to preparing my fleece and spinning it for the Show, I shall produce two pairs of the most wonderful skeins. From legal fleece. Not made from illegal Top. And there’s so much time in which to get it done…

That’s without mentioning the Kadril, which needs casting on again – or my Hannelore, which has made no progress for months. It isn’t even considering my shawl, which currently measures 6″ in diameter.

Of course, there is loads of time yet. I mean, it’s only…. July.” That is what my internal idiot was thinking.

You know when the Show date is? The 3rd August. That means entries have to be in three weeks from today.

Alright. We know that I am some kind of creative genius, born with 10 arms and blessed with a 30 hour day. I can achieve miracles. We know that.


There is always a but.

I have my sample knitting to do and I must prioritise that. Two patterns need knitting and returning to Hunter in time for the 1st September. I have slightly less than half of one done so far. The finished items need to cross the Atlantic. It really would not be fair to keep her waiting right up to the wire – we need the knowledge that the air mail has delivered safely in plenty of time.

And so? I return to my knitting needles and a greater sense of responsibility… and there will be no skeins for the Show this year, unless a miracle happens and a Fairy Godperson turns up to prep my fibre for me. Would that constitute cheating? I think that it might: “Skeins from raw fleece” does seem to imply doing all the work oneself. No Fairy Godfathers.

I have totally stuffed up this year. If nothing else (and I admit that I have been ambivalent since last year’s horrible experience) I should have had skeins in. If we don’t support that class, we will lose it. I hope that the remainder of Spinning Group have been more realistic than I have and that there will be dozens of skeins to admire.

Right. I need to finish some admin work and then go AWOL and knit, knit, knit.

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