It has not been the best of days today.

We woke to find our electricity supply on reduced power. There was sufficient juice to power the clocks etc. but not enough to run the shower. I hate having to get up and attack the day without a proper deluge. It screwed up our plans to cut hair this morning too.

Mr L attacked the Land Rover as the replacement lights had arrived yesterday. It should have been a ten minute job but it took four hours and a great deal of effing, blinding, and door-slamming. It also took up a lot of my time that had been planned for other things today.

We finally got breakfast at 2pm. We followed that with showers and shearings.

When I finally got around to knitting, I found that I really did not want to take up anything that has been prioritised. I wanted to cast on, but I also wanted to fight it. I ended up by beginning a commission… as that seemed to offer the best of all possible worlds. I had a new cast-on for a simple fast project, that I  need not feel guilty about. Result!

Of course, it did not go well.

After two attempts at beginning my Who? hat, I now feel that all is going reasonably well. I’m just sorry that it has not got as far as I had hoped today. I really had wanted to have the owls complete but so far have done only one cable row.

Tell you what, though – I am loving the North Ronaldsay handspun. It should be a good hat.

Town tomorrow, in heavy rain by the looks of things. Mr L is going to see his consultant and I shall  be dragging the trolley around town I think. I may take the Who? hat instead of my mitten. I’m not sure yet.

Right! Time for an early night with a good film and a hot bloke. Or is that a hot film and a good bloke? Maybe it’s a good hot bloke. See you when I get home tomorrow.


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