I am a genius…

So, there I was, knitting my way through the first of the Echoes of Eden mitts…

Let us cast the collective blog mind back a few paces. I made a pair of these mitts ages ago. Except for the fact that they were not a pair. I had experimented with both methods given for making them and had ended up with a visible mis-match. One mitt had an ugly seam.

I set them aside, in great disappointment, and promised myself that I would set the matter right “later.” This made the project a UFO, or possibly two UFOs.

Fast forward again, to the point at which I am admiring my beautifully picked-up stitches while approaching the gusset expansion stage. I had elected to do the nice pair first, and finish the ugly pair second.

It hit like the proverbial bolt of lightning: there is no merit in an ugly mitt, so how can there ever be greater merit in having two ugly mitts?

You know, sometimes I get my head down and focus on a totally unnecessary point, bolstered by some puritanical kind of work ethic… must.finish.what.I.have.started.

Codswallop, I say. Well, codswallop is not what I actually say, but there may be readers of a nervous disposition hereabouts.

The pretty pair is finished, the ugly single will be frogged, and the UFO count is down now to 24 (from the original 31.)

I wish that I was always this smart.

We had plans for today – they begin with shopping and recycling and amble on towards sandwiches, lashings of ginger beer, and pumping up the bicycle tyres. Later on; walking out for a supper of fish and chips at the pub. As it is, the weather looks less than the Met Office was promising, so I am not sure if the recreational activity will be happening. The pub may still be on, though experience suggests that we normally look at each other and say… “oh, let’s cook, I can’t be bothered to get changed.” The pub is always a nice idea, but the effort involved doesn’t mesh with our lifestyle – this may account for the fact that we have not actually popped out on a whim for our supper since the week that we moved up here, six years ago. Our excuse then was that we had neither furniture nor cooker 🙂

Actually, I wonder how many couples would find food prep, cooking, and clearing up less hard work than going out for a beer and a cooked supper. We may be weird in that respect.

Anyway, I am eyeing up some raw King Prawns.

Kung Po?

Speaking of cooking – way to go, Emma! Well done, that woman.

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