I had a wonderful weekend

Feeling very mellow this evening after a just about perfect weekend. The weather has been calm, mild and sunny and we have been out and about. The Land Rover was pronounced fit for service and Mr L took me out in it to do some shopping on Saturday morning. I don’t mind shopping here, it is such a social experience and there are always laughs to be had. We called  in at the Recycle shop and carried home new toys for Nell and Suzie (for the grand sum of 40p in total). Nell has a little blue furry seal and Suzie has a red plush dragon.

With nothing pressing in the garage, Mr L was free to return to his normal Saturday mode of curry chef and we dined well last night on Chichen Dopiaza, with a side of fried cauliflower and green pepper, with some poppadums and an onion relish.  We took a beer and the Prize Crossword to bed and managed all but two clues before rounding off with a couple of episodes of Red Dwarf.

It is good to have my hubby back.(and not stinking of oil and grease)

The weather being fine again today, the chooks have had a cleanout. I have been busy doing laundry and trying to bring a sense of order to both the utility room and the conservatory, while the Landy got some new headlights fitted. In between bursts of activity I found time to complete the Rhodocrosite scarf and to frog the Cause and Effect Scarf. It was next up for completion and I did knit a couple of rows but I stepped back and took stock, admitting that it really was not grabbing me. Not so much the pattern, it’s more that I am not loving the yarn and the resulting fabric.

I find more and more that my tolerance for less than wonderful projects is rapidly diminishing. Good sense is winning over stubborness and I am learning to come to peaceful terms with a sensible frogging. It’s kind of cleansing!

The coming week will be different from the norm. Mr L is on leave and it is is Melbourne Puzzle Hunt week  – we shall be spending much of our time together and pitching our joint wits against the worst that MUMS can muster. If you would like to join us, we’d love to have you on our team.

Monday also sees the start of the third Knit Crochet Blog Week. Knowing that I had a conflict there, I have prepared several posts already – but one is taxing me considerably and I hope that I can find time to do something remotely adequate. It’s looking doubtful, as I have work outstanding for the Magic Socks course.

Thursday sees us off to mainland Orkney for the first time in many long months. It’s weird but we seem to always manage to book a trip to town on the Thursday of puzzle week. It has become almost a tradition – we shall print off the day’s puzzles and work on them on the ferry. My memory may not be accurate, but I think that last year’s puzzle week trip was the last time that we went to town with a vehicle – indeed, that last time that we went shopping together. I haven’t even been into town as a foot passenger since before Christmas… the trip is much-needed but I resent it all the same. Shopping is not my favourite activity – and it is nowhere near as much fun in Kirkwall as it is at home.

I’m told that there is a new yarn shop in town. I shall be looking out for it. It may offer some compensations 🙂

Anyway, all this rambling is basically to say “see you on the other side“. I shall be puzzling, shopping, blogging a little, and maybe finding time to knit some KAL cape. Normal service should return a week on Monday. Have fun, and do let us  know if you are taking part in Knit Crochet Blog Week – if you do, Gill and I shall promise to find time to visit you.

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