I have a cunning plan

I have been revisiting my Project Diet plans and reviewing my UFOs. There’s a Page with the details but I am reproducing my thoughts in this post

Remember last year’s Project Diet – aimed mainly at reducing the UFO pile? I reckon I didn’t do too badly, but also that I did not do as well as I might. This was partly due to painful hands, but I reckon mostly to do with the fact that finishing old projects just isn’t all that much fun, not really.

Between the project diet and the lack of will, I found that I was rapidly approaching the 2013 Show with nothing to enter. I am determined that this will not happen again, but I do want to keep nibbling away at that embarrassing heap of UFOs. That being so, perhaps this year I shall prioritise any Show candidate UFOs and mix them in with Show-targeted new projects

Here’s the list of classes for 2014:


  • 92 Any item from up to 100g of yarn
  • 93 Knitted Headwear, any ply
  • 94 Knitted full Shawl – round or square
  • 95 Cardigan
  • 96 Waistcoat DK
  • 97 Wool crochet, any article
  • 98 Outfit for doll knitted or crochet
  • 99 Cushion Cover knitted
  • 100 Knitted Lace, cotton
  • 101 Crochet, any article in cotton
  • 102 Scarf, knit or crochet
  • 103 Matinee jacket 4ply
  • 104 Knitted Toy
  • 105 Any item knitted from Handspun yarn

And here is the list of current UFOs (August 2013)


In the laundry basket:

  • Jubilee Cardigan – top-down 1 pce construction. Has sleeves and has reached the waist.
  • Sugar Plum Fair sweater has back and front done and joined and 1st sleeve in  progress but is on hiatus until I feel I can unpick the sleeve and start again.
  • Wings of the Dove wrap/throw approx 5-10% done
  • Evenstar silk shawl 15% done
  • Windswept Shawl 5% done
  • Autumn Arbor wrap  5%
  • Pi Blanket ready to border and edge, say 70% done
  • Hannelore 15%

Project Box:

  • Kadril – barely started (again)
  • Lisianthus shawl 5%
  • Valborg doily 50 rounds done

Project bags – ongoing blanket projects

  • Domino sock yarn blanket
  • Hexapuff blanket
  • Tunisian crochet blanket

I think we have to admit that to be a whole lot more manageable than the list that I created last September.

So, here’s the mapping. Items in bold are UFOs for completion:


  • 92 Any item from up to 100g of yarn: Lisianthus plus some mittens that I need to get knitted soon. That should make a change from socks!
  • 93 Knitted Headwear, any ply: The current hat design project can go in to this class. I would also like to make something in Fair Isle, maybe a Polar Bear Chullo? or I can enter Twhit again.
  • 94 Knitted full Shawl – round or square: Windswept – plus Evenstar, if it can be managed
  • 95 Cardigan: Jubilee plus another from my Rav Q if time permits
  • 96 Waistcoat DK: a Cul de Sac, if I can make enough yarn
  • 97 Wool crochet, any article I don’t do the C thing
  • 98 Outfit for doll knitted or crochet  Unlikely
  • 99 Cushion Cover knitted: I do have one or two patterns in mind but I’m not likely to get around to them by this time next year
  • 100 Knitted Lace, cotton: Valborg and Hannelore
  • 101 Crochet, any article in cotton  I don’t do the C thing
  • 102 Scarf, knit or crochet: Kadril, if it kills me. Plus Autumn Arbor or Wings of the Dove
  • 103 Matinee jacket 4ply: I need to find a pattern that I love
  • 104 Knitted Toy: Not very likely, but after this year’s success, why not? How about one of Ysolda’s softies? I have a few patterns that I have purchased but not yet knit
  • 105 Any item knitted from Handspun yarn: not sure yet, but I’d like to make a jumper if I can. There’s also a few skeins kicking around that need to be knitted into something small but  luscious. I might make a scarf, probably Ysolda’s Marin.

and that brings us to some kind of order or schedule…


  1. Cardigan: The Jubilee cardigan is something that I really want to complete. I should like to be wearing it. It is not something that I can easily take around with me however…
  2. Cotton Lace 1: …so I shall progress Valborg at the same time.
  3. Scarf 1: Kadril
  4. Shawl 1: Windswept
  5. Item from 100g 1: Fair Isle Mittens – learning to knit with both hands
  6. Item from 100g 2: Lisianthus
  7. Scarf 2: Autumn Arbor
  8. Cotton Lace 2: Hannelore
  9. Headwear 1: Current hat design Project
  10. Shawl 2: Evenstar

At slightly less than 1 project a month, that ought to be achievable, even though most of these are large projects. By this time next year I hope to see all my UFOs fitting into one shopping bag-sized container.

It will take me a  day or so to find my notes and  get back up to speed on the Jubilee cardigan, so for this evening I shall be working on Valborg.


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