I know, it’s Friday

Just a wee note before I have to start thinking about FOs.

The new Twist Collective is out. It is a bumper edition with many great patterns this time. I spotted at least two that would be very well knitted in natural handspun yarns. Shoofly gives wonderful scope for using some blasts of colour with a neutral base and I can see a North Ron version of Berwick in my mind’s eye.

If I could make one thing only from this edition, I believe that (today) I would choose Sandi Rosner’s Porto. Stunning simplicity. However, as always, red things with hoods call loudly to me. I think that, at my age (and size), I should have got over this obsession by now. I’d probably want to wear purple Docs with it too. 14 holes, of course.

I have heard back from Kate Davies and she would be delighted for us to stock Colours of Shetland. We shall let you  know when it is in. I am thrilled to make this move into selling carefully selected books at Sanday Spinners. Let’s just hope that we can move the stock!

I’m away to the kitchen to make some meat sauce for tomorrow’s lasagne. I’m planning an FO post on the Uhlan cap today, if all goes well elsewhere. If things go belly up, I’ll do the FO post next week instead.


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