I know the signs

I think that little white bird on my desk is getting to me. I spent much of Sunday exploring yarns for small Fair Isle projects. Possible Project #1, had no availability problems but was very demanding on the pocket. I looked at Project #2 and found that two of the five shades required were not available. I decided to write a few email enquiries when I could get around to it and wandered off to sort out some dinner.

Yesterday I found myself looking at newly-listed patterns on Ravelry – a habit that I forced myself out of late last year, as way too dangerous for my current mode of completion. Disaster struck and I was actually weighing up five patterns, trying to decide which lacy shawl to make…

I need another lacy shawl like I need a hole in the head!

Anyway, although I am giving myself a vigorous shake and a good dressing down before returning to the bit of fluff that I should be courting, I thought I would share this prettiness with you:

Snow Angel from Boo Knits

Premonition from Boo Knits

Both patterns are from an eBook of five lacy shawl/wrap/scarf patterns – at least four of which I would not mind knitting. (Close to You Collection)

It was not a day  of total obsession though, I did manage some spinning, a few points on the cape, and the baking of a cake for Spinning Group today – not to mention an inordinate (for me) quantity of housework.

Well, the signs are clear – my blood is inflamed with Startitis. Please help to keep me away from the needles. I have much finishing to do – and with less than 3 days of January remaining, I am looking at my first failure of the year. I just don’t seem able to grasp that Aestlight nettle.

Today’s Cake: Nigella’s Chocolate Store-cupboard cake – changes rung by substituting jam for the orange marmalade. The jam is Mango, Pineapple and Lemon, and I added some cardamom to spike things up a little. It could be awful. It may work. We shall soon find out.


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