I’d rather be doing…

I’d rather be doing almost anything other than tidying the studio, but tidy I must. After all, there’s nobody going to pop up and do it for me. I wish I had Mary Poppins’ talents.

Next time we do an event I am going to insist that nothing…. No One Thing leaves the Land Rover unless it goes straight back into its proper home. No more of this rapid emptying and dumping stuff in any clear space on the floor. NO MORE!

Things are going back together, but only slowly – as always, it is a bit of a sliding block puzzle. Once I have things more or less ordered I think that I really must knuckle down to some reduction activities. That UFO pile has not shifted all winter. Gill wants to have the Traveller at her house for a while so if I can finish my spinning on that, it will be one less wheel to accommodate. The e-Spinner is out on hire and has created a tiny space to put something else away but really, I need to spin, spin, spin and knit, knit, knit, Dervish-like and use some stash up!

The Sanday Show is looming. This may be my first year on the island when I have found myself with absolutely nothing to enter. Oh, you may laugh, but it is April already – and  I have nothing even approaching a finished project that I could eye up and stick a tag on.

My biggest problem is that Mr L  is after making some big changes in the house. I have a feeling that removing and installing kitchen ranges and re-jigging plumbing pipes are not going to prove to be highly compatible with spinning and knitting.

It’s a rather lovely day today – we have a mixture of sun and haar but it is far more pleasant than yesterday. It’s a pity that we could not have arranged this sun for our visitors.

I have wasted sufficient time. Must move a few more boxes from A to B to C and back to A again. I have promised to have a clear workbench by the time that darkness falls – we are going to play with some sound-triggered photography this evening. As soon as I have that ready I think I’ll draft some silk hankies and get on with freeing up the Traveller.

Chocolate would help. Or caffeine. It’s past midday and I have not yet had my morning coffee infusion.

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